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Isabel is a Vancouver-based makeup artist passionate about art and makeup. Born and raised in Brasília, Brazil, she had the privilege of growing up in a country with so much beauty and art all around, from the green of the grass or the exceptional sunsets to the modern architecture of the city.

With passion for art and makeup, Isabel has made it a goal to bring abstract ideas to life, using her skills to the best of her ability.

She has worked with talent such Analeigh Tipton, Mark Fischbach, Adam Beach and Donal Logue. As a Makeup department head, some of her work can be seen in features such as "Exile (2021)" and "My Big Fat Family Christmas (2022)" as well as in small creative projects and short films, such as  "Esther & Sai (2021)" and "Eixos (2017)" - a webseries she was nominated for Best Makeup Design at Rio Webseries 2018, and won Best Production Design at Sicily Webfest 2018, and other projects. 

With a Bachelor's in Film Production from Brazil, Isabel also received a makeup diploma from Blanche Macdonald Centre in 2021.

Resume provided upon request. 

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